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Inge Broer

Becoming Who You Are

Inge’s Tools & Modalities:

Reiki, Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading, Shadow Alchemy, Lifestyle design and coaching (and many, many more)

Expertise in unlocking healers

Inge specializes in helping natural healers overcome their blocks around business, sensitivity and expression so that they can heal their way to the life of their dreams and heal the world as they do so.

How you can work with her at this time

Learn Reiki from her, join her team of Reiki healing practitioners, or reconnect to your Reiki practice with a reattunement. Your next step is to book a free call below.

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About Inge Broer | In Inge’s words

Inge’s Journey

Dearest wild & gentle soul,

For the longest time, my greatest fear was to “die with my song still inside me”. It was so strange, I didn’t identify as an artist in any way, but the pain was similar – there was something inside of me that needed to get OUT. It was part love, part grief, part curiosity, part vision, part awe. All complicated and tangled and trapped. All demanding release.

Painting, writing, music, sports… none of it scratched the itch all the way.

My creativity was entrepreneurial, social & healing in nature and it needed an outlet that was also entrepreneurial, social & healing. (I wonder if you have that kind of creativity too?)

Although I had been actively searching for a way to get “my song” out, it still came to my big, confused surprise when I found something that scratched the itch : Reiki & Energy Healing Work.

It was a natural fit. It allows me to sort through the tangled, complicated feelings inside. It gives me a chance to help others do the same and let their essential self emerge. It blesses me by offering me a chance to build a life really suited to my empathic, loving nature. It helps me see, grapple with and occasionally find solutions to the bigger, collective energies we’re all healing from.
It allows me to get my big beautiful vision OUT.

Now, 14 years in and thousands of healing sessions later, having helped other sensitive, open-hearted people heal…

It’s with every fiber in my being that I believe these three things:

  1. Sensitive, open-hearted people who yearn to make a healing impact are a devastatingly under appreciated and under utilized resource.
  2. When a sensitive, open-hearted person keeps themselves grounded and calmly listens with their whole self (like they do in a reiki session), they will come up wildly loving and creative solutions.
  3. We’re living in a time of great change and uncertainty. these same sensitive open-hearted people who will have the holistic vision to lead us into a future we’re all delighted to inhabit.
  4. If you’re one of these sensitive ones called to make a difference, I’d love to talk with you and get to support you – whether we end up working together or not.

Here are the three ways I’m currently working with people:

  1. I teach Reiki & Energy Healing. This is for you if you want to learn to stay grounded, to listen with your whole self and access your inner wisdom as you navigate your life and help others thrive in theirs. Book a discovery call.
  2. I offer 90-min Reiki re-attunement sessions. This is for you if you’ve been attuned to reiki but feel disconnected, buried in the mess of yourself and unable to listen as deeply as you once did. Book the session directly below.
  3. I mentor healers and reiki practitioners to build a life that feels like a true expression of their creativity and love in the world. For Reiki practitioners living in cities in the English speaking world, there is also an opportunity to join our team of healers. Book a discovery call.

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